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Getting Active with Hearing Aids

By digitaljoe

Just because you can’t hear every single thing that’s going on around you is no reason to stay cooped up indoors. Dealing with any level of hearing loss is not nearly as hindering as it was a couple of decades ago. With today’s technology, anybody can enjoy outdoor activities with no discomfort and little worry about losing or damaging their hearing aids.

From biking to jogging to camping and every outdoor activity in between, there’s a hearing aid designed to help you enjoy your normal, active lifestyle. Years ago, you might have decided not to wear a hearing device while you exercised or did any strenuous activity. But with today’s technology, there’s not much that can’t be accomplished when it comes to living the way you want to live, for people of any activity level.

Consider these ideas when you’re trying to decide if utilizing hearing aids during various activities is a good idea.

Organized Sports

If you play as part of a team or join in a group activity, you’ll likely converse with others or need to communicate important information to keep up with everything. Baseball, soccer, hiking, or even aerobics type classes can all require the ability to communicate. Without your hearing aids, you may miss pertinent information such as your teammates telling you to slide into home, or an instructor explaining the next move.


For others, exercising alone is the way to go. But in this day and age, personal safety falls squarely on our own shoulders. Without your hearing device, you might be setting yourself up for unsafe experiences. For people who hike or jog alone, it could offer a measure of comfort. In the event you get lost during an excursion, you’ll want to hear if anyone responds to your calls, or at least be able to hear if there is traffic or water nearby.


Some people are inspired by music. It can make your workout go faster, or keep you moving at a more intense pace if you’ve decided to amp it up a notch. Some hearing aids on the market today will link to your cell phone and with the right apps you can link your playlist right into your ears.

Pure Enjoyment

For those who enjoy wandering out and enjoying nature such as bird watching or hunting, hearing devices can increase your enjoyment exponentially. The ability to spot a bird because you heard it calling or to hear that monster buck walking through the woods in your direction could mean the difference in whether you get your photo or bag the big one.

Outdoor Events

There is even a place on the list for those who enjoy watching outdoor activities such as baseball and football games or even rodeos. You can fulfill your dreams of seeing the winning touchdown happen, but if you missed the play, you can hear the sportscaster’s narration of it and understand why the crowd went wild.

Without electronic assistance to hear, you can miss out on so much going on around you. Depriving yourself of these critical moments is likely to be frustrating, as is trying to keep up with everything going on around you. When you choose to use your devices during activities, you only increase your chances of making the right decision at the right time.

The market now carries all kinds of accessories to assist with hearing aids. Items like waterproof bags for those who are involved in water activities, or clips, bands, and even air dryers are must-haves for an exuberant person. Dehumidifiers have a place in your arsenal to help remove moisture from your equipment while you sleep. Special cases for travel are a must if you are on the go because you will want to keep this expensive part of your life safe from loss or damage.

For those trying to make the decision, research and resources are the key. Begin with some research online to see what options might be available for your activity level. Look into what accessories might be beneficial to your individual situation. Search online or ask your friends, family, or even your doctor for recommendations on what does and doesn’t work for them or someone they know.

From babies to seniors, there are devices and accessories designed for any age and activity level. The purpose of a hearing aid is to enhance the quality of life you live, not to be a burden. You don’t have to give up the activities you love, you just need to do some research on what the best and most suitable style of hearing device might be for you. A qualified audiologist can help you get the most up to date information and make an informed and educated decision. Call today to set up an appointment so we can help you get back to the activities you enjoy.