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Syracuse Hearing Solutions is pleased to offer you and your family the most advanced in cognitive function technology, the Cognivue screening.

After a quick 5-10 minute self-administered screening, we will have a better idea of your ear-to-brain processing.


Numerous recent studies show that there is a significant relationship between untreated hearing loss and early cognitive decline. If you cannot hear the sounds of speech and environmental sounds, your brain will forget what they sound like over time. The brain needs hearing sensory input for speech and language understanding and will lose that ability over time without hearing. We also know that wearing hearing aids consistently can potentially reduce the risk of early cognitive decline to help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Cognitive screening is often performed too late. Through routine cognitive checks, you can identify changes in cognitive function when early detection and proper management can make a difference.
  • We are going to take an “ear-to-brain” approach that will help us get an idea of how your brain is processing sound and other sensory input.


  • After your Cognivue screening, we have a better understanding of your hearing loss, how your brain processes sound, and how to best recommend treatment for you.
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