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Most people find the thought of earwax to be a bit unsettling and dirty, yet this substance is crucial in maintaining the health and function of our ears. Also called cerumen, it actually keeps our ears clean and creates a natural barrier of defense for the delicate parts inside.

Cerumen (earwax) prevents debris from entering the ear canal, serves to lubricate the ear canal, remove dead skin from the ear canal, and has antimicrobial properties to prevent infection.

Too Much Earwax Can Cause Problems

Individuals who have too much earwax may find it to be uncomfortable but it can also block the ear and may lead to temporary hearing loss. While it’s tempting to try to remove earwax yourself at home, you could be running the risk of damaging your ear canal or eardrum, and using a cotton swab may also push the blockage in deeper. Instead, we recommend that you visit us at Syracuse Hearing Solutions so that the obstruction can be cleared without injury.

Why Should You Come to Us for Earwax Removal?

  • We have specialized tools designed specifically for earwax removal to deal with your ears safely
  • We are experts in all things ear care and hearing health!

Some cases might call for us to scoop out the wax using a tool called a curette, while other instances might benefit from flushing out your ear canal or a gentle micro-suctioning to comfortably and effectively clean earwax. Whatever method we decide to utilize will be completed in a safe manner that helps to protect your delicate eardrum.

We use safe and comfortable earwax removal methods.

Make Sure Your Ears are a Priority

You might be tempted to purchase an at-home earwax removal kit, but consult our Doctors of Audiology before you decide to do so since some products may not be as safe to your ears as others. Your ears are delicate and it’s recommended to see a hearing healthcare professional instead of trying to address the issue yourself.

You can trust your ears are in good hands with us. Syracuse Hearing Solutions will be able to resolve your situation with ease. If you’re struggling with excess earwax, or if your ears feel plugged, contact our office today.