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Why Us Vs. Big Box Stores?

Amazon. The easy, cheap way to get a product in a matter of a day or two without much thought. It’s not always the best quality, but it works for what it is needed for. Would you take the same approach to your Hearing Healthcare, or any healthcare for that matter? Typically, we want the … Continued

Troubleshooting Your Device

What is the biggest reason for a hearing aid repair? Earwax is the biggest cause of hearing aid repairs because it plugs the tiny openings where sound gets into the microphones. It can also block the speaker or where sound goes into the ear from the hearing aid, called the sound bore. If any of … Continued

Cochlear Implants

Meet our cochlear specialist! Dr. Erin Bagley, Au.D., CCC-A/SLP – Expert of specialty Audiology: Pediatric Audiology, Cochlear Implant Evaluations, Auditory Processing Disorders Evaluations What is a Cochlear Implant?In Dr. Bagley’s words, “A cochlear implant is a type of hearing device that works by bypassing the parts of the ear that are not working well, to … Continued

Cognitive Screening – Why It’s Important

We are excited to introduce Cognivue as a part of your complete hearing healthcare assessment! FDA cleared since 2015, it provides your audiologist with a report on how to best treat you if you have a hearing loss. We assess 5 different parameters of processing through a quick, self-administered screening. Hearing loss can actually affect … Continued

Hearing loss is a condition that can change your brain

Many other hearing aid retail stores or hearing professionals may just look at your ears but we look at the whole hearing system going from your ears to your brain. We perform a whole test battery to diagnose and properly treat hearing and language processing difficulties. We use your test information to properly fit you … Continued

Do You Really Need An Annual Hearing Test?

Every year, many of us have a bit of a routine built-in to help us maintain our health. We see our primary care doctor for our annual physical, schedule an appointment or two with our dentist, go to the eye doctor, and perhaps even get bloodwork done, just to make sure everything is shipshape. But … Continued

Hearing Loss in Men And Women: How Does It Differ?

Whether it’s age-related or noise-induced, hearing loss can happen to anyone. Despite your age or background, different kinds and severity of hearing loss is the frustrating reality for over 48 million Americans and over 466 million people worldwide. Though hearing loss does not solely occur based on age or background, it does develop in one … Continued

Concussions and The Hearing Brain

These days, concussions are a seemingly unfortunate fact of life for many young and active Americans, thanks to impact sports, such as football, lacrosse, and ice hockey. While concussions can cause a whole host of problems, ranging from a temporary loss of consciousness to memory loss, few people consider the effect that they can have … Continued

Eating Your Way to Healthy Hearing

We all know that healthy diets promote good overall health, but were you aware that it also promotes good hearing health? By following a pattern of healthy eating, you can improve your chances of good hearing for years to come. According to a study that appeared in The Journal of Nutrition and encompassed 71,000 female nursing students over … Continued

Could Music Be the Key to Language Development?

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato Music can certainly be a magical part of life, but it’s not just one of the finer things according to new research. It may be an essential tool in language development for children, especially … Continued

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