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Why Us Vs. Big Box Stores?

Amazon. The easy, cheap way to get a product in a matter of a day or two without much thought. It’s not always the best quality, but it works for what it is needed for. Would you take the same approach to your Hearing Healthcare, or any healthcare for that matter? Typically, we want the … Continued

Troubleshooting Your Device

What is the biggest reason for a hearing aid repair? Earwax is the biggest cause of hearing aid repairs because it plugs the tiny openings where sound gets into the microphones. It can also block the speaker or where sound goes into the ear from the hearing aid, called the sound bore. If any of … Continued

Hearing and Listening – There’s a Difference!

How to avoid communication breakdowns. In most cases, people lose their hearing gradually, so the signs and symptoms are hard to detect at first. You might still be able to hear a sound, but you can’t exactly put your finger on what it is. So, you must not have hearing loss. Right? Wrong! Not being … Continued

Hearing Loss Can Change the Dynamics of Family Life

When a family member has hearing loss, it is not just the individual who is affected. The entire family feels its impact, and as a result, there is lots of frustration amongst family members. It can wreak havoc in the home.  In most cases, hearing loss happens gradually, so it is much harder to pick … Continued

The Connection Between Hearing and Maintaining Cognitive Function

You don’t know what you don’t hear! Research is teaching us the importance of giving our brains access to sound. It is common knowledge that decreased awareness of our environment and surroundings can be dangerous to our well-being.  Based on current studies, hearing aids serve to maintain our cognitive function, balance, and safety, both physiologically … Continued

Hearing Aids Do Not Mean Old Age

Nowadays, we can communicate and connect to others with technology, utilizing it at any point in time to make life easier. You may connect with family through technology like cell phones, computers, television, video or audio chatting, and even written text as a means of communication. Whether we like it or not, this is a … Continued

Are All Hearing Aids Created Equal?

They are not, and neither are our ears!  Ears are very different and unique even to the same person. People also perceive sound differently. Since being in the audiology profession, I know there is a right hearing aid and a wrong hearing aid for someone. I also know, no one hearing aid fits all.  Fitting … Continued

Cochlear Implants

What is a Cochlear Implant?A cochlear implant is a type of hearing device that works by bypassing the parts of the ear that are not working well, to help a person hear sounds.  It works by stimulating the hearing nerve directly via a small electrode placed within the cochlea, or hearing organ.  There is also … Continued

Cognitive Screening – Why It’s Important

We are excited to introduce Cognivue as a part of your complete hearing healthcare assessment! FDA cleared since 2015, it provides your audiologist with a report on how to best treat you if you have a hearing loss. We assess 5 different parameters of processing through a quick, self-administered screening. Hearing loss can actually affect … Continued

Hearing loss is a condition that can change your brain

Many other hearing aid retail stores or hearing professionals may just look at your ears but we look at the whole hearing system going from your ears to your brain. We perform a whole test battery to diagnose and properly treat hearing and language processing difficulties. We use your test information to properly fit you … Continued

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