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Hearing loss is a condition that can change your brain

By digitaljoe

Many other hearing aid retail stores or hearing professionals may just look at your ears but we look at the whole hearing system going from your ears to your brain. We perform a whole test battery to diagnose and properly treat hearing and language processing difficulties. We use your test information to properly fit you with the correct hearing devices to best suite your needs or get you appropriate medical attention if you are not a candidate for hearing aids.

We hear from our ears to our brain and our hearing can affect how we understand speech and language. This means that we hear with our ears but listen and understand with our brains. Yes, there is a difference between hearing and listening.

Long term hearing loss can potentially cause speech to become unrecognizable, until everyone starts to sound garbled and the ability to process what’s going on around us slowly becomes increasingly more difficult. We want to test how your hearing has affected your processing abilities so we know how to best help you.