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Troubleshooting Your Device

By Candice

What is the biggest reason for a hearing aid repair?

Earwax is the biggest cause of hearing aid repairs because it plugs the tiny openings where sound gets into the microphones. It can also block the speaker or where sound goes into the ear from the hearing aid, called the sound bore. If any of those openings are blocked, it may seem like the hearing aid is dead or not working. Dust, dead skin, hair, and debris can also plug up the hearing aid sound ports. A daily cleaning with a brush or a dry cleaning cloth prevents that build-up.

Ways to troubleshoot:

Change the wax filter: This is a screen that protects the hearing aid from getting damaged by wax buildup. Your hearing care provider will show you proper care and cleaning techniques when you purchase your hearing aids and see you for frequent follow-up visits for a more thorough and professional cleaning to help your hearing aids last for many years to come.
Check battery: If you have a hearing aid that takes a battery, drop the battery on a table or counter. If it bounces, that means it has gone bad. Change the batteries.
Check the charger: If you have rechargeable hearing aids, make sure the light on the back of charger is green. This will indicate that charger is working. 
Bluetooth: Turn phone off and back on and make sure your software is up to date. Next, turn hearing aids’ Bluetooth ability off and also turn off the hearing aids, then turn them back on. If devices still do not show, unpair hearing aids (forget device) from phone then turn the hearing aids off. Turn them back on and go back into Bluetooth settings and try to re-pair again.  

What TO do: According to Associated Audiologists, store your hearing aids in a safe, dry place when they aren’t in use. Also, schedule routine check-ups throughout the year to make sure everything is clean and in working condition.

What not to do: Using water is not recommended due to sensitive electronics inside the devices.  

Still not working? Ask for help! We have a drop box outside of our door for repairs. Call us if you have questions. We are happy to assist.