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Unilateral Hearing Loss In Children And What You Can Do To Help Your Child

The loss of hearing in one ear is called unilateral hearing loss (UHL) or single-sided deafness (SSD). The causes of this type of hearing impairment include viral infections, Meniere’s disease, head or ear injuries, or as the result of brain tumor surgery. The most common symptom of UHL is difficulty distinguishing sounds one wants to … Continued

The Cost of Hearing Loss Continues to Grow

Could hearing loss be a health epidemic? This may sound like a drastic characterization, but as the number of Americans with hearing loss swells, so do the costs of this diagnosis in more ways than one. The costs of untreated hearing loss Almost 38 million adults in the United States have some trouble hearing, and … Continued

Hearing Loss And Social Isolation

Hearing loss is a much more common issue than most people realize, with over 5% of the world’s population – that’s over 466 million people – living with some form of decreased hearing abilities. While most people think that the biggest problem associated with hearing loss is, well, hearing loss, many people don’t realize that … Continued

Hearing Care Services Hard to Come By? You’re Not Alone

If you look at the numbers, chances are you or someone close to you has hearing loss. It is that common. We’re all familiar with noise as a cause of hearing loss, but did you know that age is one of the most common factors when it comes to hearing impairment. According to statistics released … Continued

What is “Normal” Hearing?

Everyone is different. Whether we’re measuring height, weight, skills, or interests, no two people are exactly the same. Although this is what makes us unique, it poses some interesting problems when we try to set baselines for what we consider to be “normal” in the medical world. Especially when we try to determine what “normal” … Continued

How to Choose the Right Audiologist

You might be seeking a hearing healthcare professional for many reasons – perhaps you suspect you are beginning to experience hearing loss, perhaps you recently moved to a new area and are in need of a new audiologist, or perhaps you are having another type of difficulty with your hearing. In any case, it’s important … Continued

3 Ways Untreated Hearing Loss Can Hurt Your Health

It is estimated that approximately 37 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss.  Many of those 37 million are untreated.  It may be for financial reasons, a reluctance to receive treatment, a fear of doctors or other personal reasons, but the truth is it can be a bigger problem than it may appear to be.  Living with more … Continued

There’s an App For Hearing That

The last ten years have brought about significant improvements in hearing aids, thank goodness.  Gone are the tan, clunky analog models incapable of the finesse needed to separate speech signals from useless background noise.  Today’s hearing aids rely on digital platforms with programming flexibility for better personalization and the added benefit of being lighter, smaller and sleeker.  The digital … Continued

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